Spoiled Rotten

Most of you won’t care, but ever since I got my futon – years ago – I’ve left it up in the “couch” position and slept on it that way. My room’s not very big  so that gave me more open floor space.

Unfortunately, I’m not as young as I once was.  Yes, old age is creeping up on even me.  I take more pills than a lot of older folks I know.  If I sit too long, I have to get up in stages because my back and legs don’t work like they used to.

So one day, about a month ago, I decided to lay out the futon into it’s [full] bed position and see how it felt.  And how I felt the next morning.

Wow! Bliss! See, you really didn’t care about this.

But someone does care.  She cares very deeply.  She is passionate about it.

Spooky – my furbaby – is TOTALLY ticked off that I’ve laid the futon down.  She can no longer lay on the back of it and stare out the window at the birds, squirrels and other small animals which give her a thrill.  She can no longer laze in the sun while laying on the back of it.  She can no longer do her crazy demon cat impersonation – running all thru the house, under the futon, up the back and jumping on whatever unsuspecting human happens to be sitting on the futon at the time.

Yep, she’s pretty angry.  The first day, she walked over to the window, stood up on her back legs and looked out the window, then turned her head to look at me. “What were you thinking?!”  I can read her mind.  So, the second day, I piled my pillows underneath the window for her to lay or sit on and look out the window.  She still has to stand up to really look out.  And she still looks at me like I’ve committed the most horrible crime/sin imaginable.


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  1. I love futons! And your cat cracks me up. I can just picture her indignation over your assault on HER personal spaces. ;D

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