I have a bruise on my hip where I ran into the counter at a friend’s house.  I have a bruise on the other hip where I ran into a desk at work.  A bruise on my shoulder where I ran into the chest of drawers in my bedroom.

I have come to a conclusion about myself … I am precious.  I should be wrapped up in cotton batting to preserve my lily white skin.  I love purples and greens — just not as a skin tone.  Fortunately, the bruises are all in places I can hide.

I’m sure most people would conclude that I am clumsy or accident-prone.  “Who? Me?” I ask, as I run into the doorway.  [Goody, another bruise.] I’m reminded of an old Bill Cosby monologue about a teenager driving – who is sure the tree jumped out into the middle of the road.  I’m sure all these inanimate objects are out to get me.  They move just a fraction of an inch so that I collide with them, resulting in some really splendiferous colored bruises.

This is all tongue-in-cheek, I’m sure you know.  But I began to think about a baby learning to walk.  Mom and Dad hover over the child, trying to protect Baby from any mishaps so there will be no injuries — and no bruising, if they can control it.  The thing is: (1) they CAN’T always control it.  Baby will wait for them to turn their backs and then take off – an accident waiting to happen; and (2) Baby can’t learn without a few spills.

It’s the same with life. Our parents try to control situations and protect us as much as possible, but we can’t learn about life if we don’t step out on our own.  Will we fall? You bet. Will we be bruised? Count on it.  But even as adults, our parents are right there, waiting to help us up and take care of our boo-boos.

Even more important, it’s the same with God.  I know it’s hard to comprehend, but He loves us even more than our earthly parents.  As we go through life, making decisions to do things or go places that He knows are not in our best interest and will only lead to hurt and/or pain — He usually doesn’t interfere, but He’s right there when we figure it out to help us get back on track.

Because in God’s eye, we are all PRECIOUS.


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  1. Sherry

    A very sweet message, to which I say “Amen”

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