What A Wonderful World – Spring

Yes, my friends, Spring is on the horizon.

That’s what I keep telling myself as I look out the window at the gray sky.  Waiting for the snow to fall, because they have predicted possible snow flurries for today.  It’s currently a balmy 35 degrees…

But I do know that Spring is just around the corner. The purple finches are once again trying to build a nest on the drain pipe right outside my office window.  You can hear them twittering as they light on the pipe.  I imagine the conversation goes something like this:

“You KNOW we can’t build here.  The ground isn’t level.” [Mrs. Finch]

“I can DO it, if you’ll just leave me alone.  This is the best spot around.  It’s well protected and yet we have a great view of town.”  [Mr. Finch]

“But those people keep walking in and out that back door.  I don’t think this is a good idea.”

“I’m sure we can find a way to discourage them from using this door.”  [Mr. Finch laughs evilly.]

Good luck to the Finch family.  They actually built a nest there one year.  Some of us [here at the office] were very careful about using that door.  Some of us, however, were NOT — and the Finch family found another place to nest.

The frogs – spring peepers – have been vocal the last couple of weeks.  A sure sign of Sping.  My Dad always said you’ll only have 3 more freezes from the time you hear the first frogs croaking.  Unfortunately, that does not mean 3 nights in a row.  You can have a couple days – then a warm spell – then a week of freezing temps – then a warm spell – then a MONTH …  but that should be the last freeze.  I’ve never really counted it up to see if it actually works.  I start to and then forget.

Just like whatever date the first snow falls – that’s how many snows you’ll get that season.  And as in the case of freezes, it doesn’t mean if it snows on the 3rd and you get 3 days of snow in a row that you’re done.  That only counts as one snow.  It has to melt away and start all over again.  I always start off counting the snows, too, and then forget.

Anyway, back to Spring. [Because I am totally OVER the snow this year.] My neighbor took a picture of a flower – a viola or pansy, I’m not sure which – and posted on her Facebook page.  I think I’m not the only one done with winter weather.  The daffodils, crocus, and narcissus are sticking their little green snouts out of the ground.  I usually think of them as Easter flowers, but they’re gonna have a long wait for Easter this year.

Our world is such an amazing place.  Each year, the earth is reborn.  Birds look for nesting spots to bring up their young.  Flowers begin wending their way from their roots to the earth above.  Trees send out new buds that eventually turn into flowers and leaves.

Tadpoles become frogs and croak the glad tidings of Spring to come.



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